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Being a subsidiary of PIAGGIO GROUP - one of the world’s leading two-wheeled motor vehicle manufacturers, PIAGGIO Vietnam was established in 2007 and became Headquarter of Asia Pacific.

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PIAGGIO VIETNAM compensation and benefits

We reward individuals and their contribution on the basis of criteria for competitiveness, fairness and merit that are shared transparently with the individuals during the evaluation process.We offer a benefit package in keeping with the best practices in use in the market which includes employee services, for example: company car, additional medical, coverage insurance...

International exchange program: We offer international assignments and careers in Asia and Europe, with challenging positions in all company functions. International assignments develop the ability to compete successfully in a global environment. International mobility is essential for employees’ development & career paths as well as for accessing our talent programme.

Management trainee/ Piaggio Way: We offer opportunities for international assignments, training courses in Asia, Europe, with challenging, high profile positions in all company functions. It's open opportunity for young talented employees - who are outstanding in variety fields to be enrolled in a training exchange program which main purpose is to move resources across Group Companies in order to mutually transfer their professional skills and develop the core ones. 

Company's activities: Piaggio Vietnam organizes various activities such as teambuilding, summer holiday, birthday party, Ice cream day, Vespa day, Gifts on National holiday, Year-end party, PVN Footbal league, Karaoke contest and other activities towards society with the aim of promoting our culture and values, strengthening the partnership and friendship between colleagues and improving the quality of Employee's work and life.


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